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Brihat Property Solutions, One Stop Reality Shop

Majority of people are interested in buying new house with security and facilities after selling their existing property. People trust credible company with professional team and transparent working modality rather than individual broker. They are looking for a proper channel for selling and buying property. Selling and buying house is very complicated and time consuming task for people who are busy and have less time for such activities. Hence, they prefer an agent or a company to undertake such task without any hassle. New venture of Brihat Group, Brihat Property Solution Pvt. Ltd. (BPS) might be just the right solution for all your real estate needs. BPS is established with the motto “Managing Property and Building Relationship”. BPS is a one stop realty shop for buyer and seller. BPS has committed, competent, confident and trustworthy team who work transparently. Seller and buyer can directly contact BPS for selling and buying their property and get professional service.

BPS sells owner-built residential houses, developer-built houses in housing communities, apartments, commercial properties and land. It lists only fifty properties at a time. Properties more than fifty will remain in queue, which will be on sale once the listed properties are sold.

BPS facilitate sellers by selling their property in reasonable market price without any difficulty. BPS lists only structurally and legally safe properties. It follows procedure system for listing and selling properties. After signing selling contract, BPS post the property on sales in various websites and publish ad in various print media. It also circulates the properties to Real Estate Marketing Agents (REMAs). The service fee BPS charges depend on type of property and selling duration.

For Buyer, BPS shows the property that are listed for sale. BPS also searches property as per requirement of buyer. On behalf of seller, BPS negotiate the price of the property once the buyer confirm to buy and takes booking amount during contract.

BPS is also a place where people can have consultation about property and take benefit of experts view regarding property during buying and selling.